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​Corrosion issues in ballast water filtration  (2017-05-24)

Perspectives on what we think is the most overlooked issue in BWMS and its effect on the system performance

How challenging is the challenge water used for BWMS type approval tests  (2017-01-10)

This article describes the industry challenge with a low survival rate in the challenge water for BWMS type approval tests.

Full speed ahead or yet another vacuum  (2016-12-22)

This article describes our perspectives on the trend of de-coupling of the renewal of the IOPP certificate from scheduled docking to extend ballast treatment implementation

GAPs between "new" and "old G8  (2016-11-14)

This article describes the detailed differences between the new and old G8. In addition, it addresses the implications and challenges of the newly amended guidelines.

MEPC 70 and new G8 implementation (2016-11-01)

MEPC’s 70th session took place at IMO in London from the 24th to 27th of October, following an intersessional meeting which task was to finalise the revision of the IMO Guidelines for approval of Ballast Water Management Systems.  InBallast was a participant at both events as member of the Norwegian delegation. Download the newsletter to get a summary of the outcome of the meetings.

OceanSaver MKII - USCG Type Approval submitted (2016-10-17)

OceanSaver Ballast Water Treatment System MKII  is the first

electrochemical system to apply for USCG Type Approval. 

InBallast AS is proud to have assisted in this process.

Download the newsletter to find out what our deliverables were. 

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